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Housing FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions that new homeowners ask either prior to, or following their move in.

Pre-Home Purchase

Can I make changes to a floor plan & elevation and/or home?

Currently we do not offer a custom design service. All our homes are fully completed (to original design Specifications and with Interior/Exterior Designer’s input) prior to being made available for sale.

What is Tarion?

Tarion is a not-for-profit consumer protection organization established by the Ontario government to administer the province’s new home warranty program. For over 40 years, Tarion has served new home buyers and new homeowners by ensuring that one of their life’s biggest investments is protected. Visit the Tarion website for more information.

What’s involved in reserving a lot?

We don’t currently allow lot reservations.

What is the overall home purchase process?

Please click here to learn about the home purchase process

I want to buy a Home that I can rent out and use as investment. Does this effect my HST payment?

BLD Homes is not able to offer advice on HST and rental issues.

What would finishing a basement cost?

We don’t provide any basement quotes, nor do we do any finished basements. However, we can recommend renovators that can provide this service.

What’s an average monthly propane bill for the house?

The rates are determined by the Government of Canada and are set annually on April 1st. Currently the rate on all propane is 0.310 cents per litre, rising to 0.774 cents by April 2022. A 2,200 square foot home, typically uses up to 10,000 litres of propane annually, costing roughly $7,740 in 2022, under a fixed rate contract. Aboveground Propane Tank Rental Rates are as follows: 1,500 litres or over of annual consumption = $5.00/month, 900 – 1,499 litres = $10.00/month and less than 899 litres = $15.00/month as per P38 Energy. We recommend you download the Nee-Vo app to monitor your tank levels by getting accurate, real-time readings instantly on your phone. We also recommend you sign up for automatic payments on the P38 website as to avoid the 24% charge per year on late payments.

Are there any rental equipment fees for the house?

Aboveground Propane Tank Rental Rates are as follows: 1,500 litres or over of annual consumption = $5.00/month, 900 – 1,499 litres = $10.00/month and less than 899 litres = $15.00/month as per P38 Energy. The hot water tank rental fee is $92.65/month. Note that the hot water tank is a dual unit to service both the domestic hot water and the basement in-floor radiant system.

What’s the average property tax amount?

This depends on the Township. For example, Beckwith has the lowest tax rate in all of Lanark County. A house with an MPAC assessed value of 900,000 x 0.00822802 + waste management fees of $250.00 per household = $7655.218 annually.

What is all included with the homes?

Please click here for a full list of included home specifications.

Are all your homes brand new and do they come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our homes for sale are brand new and come with Tarion warranty.

What townships do you build in?

As of now only Lanark County – Perth and Beckwith.

Can I see the Septic Report/System, Well/Water Quality Report, Site Plan?

Yes, we provide the Septic report/system, Well/water quality report, Site plan for each home.

Do you ever include real wood burning fireplaces?

We only use gas fireplaces. We recommend an outdoor fire pit for enjoying a wood burning experience.

What are the lot dimensions of your properties?

The lot sizes vary per lot. Please email info@bldhomes.ca for specific lot dimensions.

Does the home come with a central vac outlet?

No, we do not provide central vac outlets.

Is there TV hookup over the fireplace?

Yes, we have coax cable over the fireplace set up. The wall is also TV hanging ready.

Why kind of internet is available for the home?

The internet speed/internet provider depends on the location of the home. Please contact info@bldhomes.ca for information on the available internet for the home or the local township the home is located in or contact your preferred internet provider to see if they service the area that you’re interested in.

Are driveway lamp post wires provided with the homes?

Each of our homes come with driveway lamp post lights.

For the Tarion warranty, does the builder come back to correct/fix anything?

Yes, BLD will remedy any warrantied items per the Tarion Warranty definitions and process.

What are the commission fees when buying a home?

When you buy a home on Unreserved there is no commission fee. Only we as the seller pay a 1% commission to Unreserved. If you have a real estate agent, we pay 2% commission.

There’s in-floor heating in the basement, is there in-floor heating on the main floor?

We only offer in-floor heating in the basement currently.

What is the square wood pad on floor in basement?

This is a cover for part of the three-piece rough in, so no one steps on it and potentially hurts their ankle. The pipes underneath are to tie in for finishing the bathroom.

Is the basement roughed in for a gas fireplace?

No, it’s not.

Do you provide appliances with the home?

Yes, we provide a high-quality, full-size fridge, microwave, hood fan, dishwasher, washer, and dryer.

How do I set up a showing?

Please contact Unreserved to set up a showing of one of our homes.

Why can’t I supply you with my own products?

We are responsible for the warranty of your home through Tarion, and we don’t warranty products/services that we aren’t familiar with/haven’t used before. Legal complications arise when buyers install their own items in a home in terms of warranty and liability, so we do not allow it for the benefit and safety of everyone.

Where is the septic?

The Class 4 Septic System is in front of the home usually.

Are closing dates flexible?

When the home is put up for sale a closing date range (usually 1-3 months) will be indicated.

Are the spotlights dimmable?

The LED pot lights are dimmable when controlled by a compatible dimmer. The dimmer must be compatible with Chloe LED pot lights.

What is planned for the land behind the house?

This depends on the home, please contact info@bldhomes.ca for more information

Do the windowsills in the basement get finished or are they left as is?

They will be painted.

Is there a potable water certificate?

All of our homes come with a potable water certificate confirming there is no bacteria.

Are there excessive minerals in the water?

All of our homes have an Iron filter and water softener to solve any concerns

Do you provide occupancy for the homes?

Yes. An Occupancy Permit, from the Chief Building Official, is a requirement to make the sale to the perspective buyer.

Are there any restrictions whatsoever or setbacks to putting in an inground pool?

Pools are feasible however inground pools have an additional cost due to the bedrock that must be hammered out. For more information, contact the local township.

The decking posts not in Sono tubes, just metal posts?

On some of our homes the deck posts use the helical/screw pile technology – Techno metal posts.

What is the light switch in hall closet for?

This is to control the soffit plug (typically used for Christmas lights).

Is the house being sold as is?

The home comes with the Tarion backed Ontario New Home Warranty.

Can the bathtub be straightened?

In principle yes. This entails plumbing rework that the homebuyer can pursue after taking possession. We place it this way for aesthetic and practicality purposes.

What’s the house built on?

Depending on the lot, the house is built upon bedrock, undisturbed soil, or engineered fill. The latter two are validated with compression tests to ensure they can support the house.

What does Subject to an easement mean?

Typically an easement means that a segment of the property is allocated to a 3rd party use. This could be for a drainage ditch, utility corridor, etc. The homeowner can still make use of the easement however the 3rd Party has rights to access the easement to make repairs etc. In such cases, any belongings of the homeowner in the easement would need to be removed (e.g. fence panel, shed etc). Unmovable objects should never be placed within an easement.

Decking nails are sticking out/not complete?

This will be completed under Tarion Warranty.

In the basement, the Humidifier pipes drain downward, is this ok?

Yes, this is industry standard.

How do I identify a professional homebuilder?

They’re a professional builder if they’re registered with Tarion and the HCRA (Home Construction Regulatory Authority). They should likely also be members of the local HBA (Home Builder’s Association). To find out if the home builder is registered with Tarion, use Tarion’s Ontario Builder Directory to search for your builder and review their status. The same applies for HCRA designation.

What is the HCRA?

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) regulates new home builders and vendors in the province. They protect the public interest through a fair, safe and informed marketplace that supports the goal of a continuously improved homebuilding industry in Ontario. The HCRA holds licensed builders to professional standards, protects the public interest, and enhances consumer confidence in the homebuilding industry in Ontario. In addition, HCRA strives to educate consumers to ensure that they can make informed decisions and understand the benefits of a regulated homebuilding sector. The HCRA is a not-for-profit corporation that is designated by the provincial government to administer and enforce the New Home Construction Licensing Act, 2017 and associated regulations. The HCRA was designated by the Government of Ontario effective February 1, 2021, as the regulatory authority under the New Home Construction Licensing Act, 2017. Historically, the Tarion Warranty Corporation has been the delegated administrative authority responsible for licensing home builders and vendors in Ontario. As a result of an independent review of Tarion and the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act (ONHWPA) in 2016 by Justice Cunningham, the Government of Ontario committed to creating a new regulator. Now, the regulation and licensing of new home builders and vendors in Ontario are the responsibility of the HCRA. All matters related to homeowner warranty protection remain the responsibility of Tarion. The HCRA is committed to enhancing the professionalism of the new home building industry in Ontario by increasing consumer protection. The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services continues to be responsible for the New Home Construction Licensing Act, 2017 and associated regulations, as well as general oversight of the HCRA.

Why should I work with an HBA member?

You should work with an HBA member because you’ll be confident that you’re working with a professional within the community. Being a member of the local HBA is a way for businesses to show their commitment to high-quality standards, accountability, and integrity. All HBA members are responsible for upholding a rigorous code of ethics when working with homeowners, contractors, and other businesses.

What’s a building permit, and when do I need it?

A building permit is a formal permission from the municipality to begin construction, demolition, addition, or renovation on your property. Your plans must comply with the Ontario Building Code, local Zoning By-laws, and other applicable regulations. You need a building permit when constructing a new building or putting on an addition; making structural alterations; changing a building’s use; building a garage, balcony, or deck; installing or modifying heating, plumbing, or air-conditioning systems, etc.

What is HVAC?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning the essential systems in your home.

Post Home Purchase / Pre-Closing

Where are the schools? Where is the post office? When is garbage pick up?

For all municipal services, please contact the local government authority (e.g. school board) responsible for this service.

Who can attend the PDI (pre delivery inspection)?

Only the homeowners, the Site Supervisor and the Client Manager can attend the PDI. Friends and/or family members are not permitted unless, for health reasons, they are representing the homeowners.

How long will the PDI (pre delivery inspection) take?

The PDI will take about 1-2 hours to review the Tarion Home Warranty and the features of your new home.

What’s the Tarion CCP?

At or before the PDI, you will be given a Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP). This document states your home’s enrolment number with Tarion and the occupancy date, which is also the start date of your home’s statutory warranty.

Where do I get my house keys?

Your keys will be available at the front door in the lockbox on closing day. We recommend not scheduling any delivery appointments closing day as possession times for closings vary with most closings happening in the afternoon.

If I change my mind after signing an agreement of purchase and sale, can I still change anything?

It depends. If the firm (no conditions) offer has been accepted by the seller and is not a special circumstance (as in with new condo construction for example, where you may be allowed a cooling-off period) you can try to negotiate changes with the sellers. If the offer is not conditional, the law is on the seller’s side.

Post Purchase / Post Closing / Post Move In

My PDI outstanding items aren’t completed by the Closing Date. When will they be rectified?

Depending upon the time between your PDI date and your closing date, repairs may still be in progress. A BLD Homes representative will contact you to set up appointments to complete the outstanding items. If parts need to be ordered, they may take several weeks to arrive. Follow up repairs will be added to your 30-Day Form.

Why is the garage floor or porch floor starting to flake?

Salt, combined with freeze/thaw cycles that occur during winter, may cause serious erosion to concrete surfaces. Most often the front edge of the garage floor is affected. It is important to keep these areas clean, and to apply a suitable sealer on a yearly basis to deter salt damage.

Why has the front porch slab, basement floor slab, or garage floor slab cracked?

As the concrete cures and hardens, it shrinks and may crack. Settlement and changes in temperature also contribute to cracking. Generally, cracks do not indicate a defect and do not require repair. Floor slabs are not a structural component of your home. Refer to the Tarion Home Warranty website for tolerances.

Why are my windows full of moisture and/or why is there ice forming along the bottom of the window?

If warm, moist air inside the house meets the window glazing on a cold day, moisture may condense on the windowpane at the edges of the glass near the frame. On very cold days, the condensation may freeze, forming ice. Please ensure that moist air in your home is removed at its source by running the HRV on medium/high to lower humidity levels on cold days. Controlling the humidity of your home is essential to keep the air safe and clean.

Why are there no survey pegs on my lot?

Survey markings may no longer be visible after the lot is graded and landscaped. Please do not use wooden stakes as evidence of lot lines. We strongly suggest hiring a surveyor to accurately mark out your lot lines if you’re building such items as a fence.

When will my landscaping be complete?

We provide the lot graded to the approved grading plan at closing. We also provide a walkway featuring stone interlock pavers and the graded areas to have topsoil and hydroseeding. These features can only be undertaken in the Spring to Fall timeframe.

Where do I pick up my mail?

Canada Post can provide this information. Call 1-866-607-6301 or visit their website.

When can I install fencing?

You can install a fence after you’ve been living in your home for over 1 year. The reason for the delay is that the overall grading needs time to settle and if necessary, replenished.

When can I have my driveway paved by a third party?

It is recommended to wait at least 6-12 months before opting to have your driveway paved by a third-party service.

My baseboards and trim are separating from the wall. Is this normal?

A new home is built with new materials and is subject to drying and settlement in its first year. The result can be, among other things, that baseboard and door trim can separate from the walls or ceilings, which looks like a thin crack. This is normal and is to be expected in new homes. At the 30-day inspection and again at the year-end inspection, we’ll do a caulk and patch of trim that has separated, as well as drywall cracks and nail pops in all places necessary.

Why is my door is hard to close?

During the first year of occupancy your house will dry and settle. Sometimes a door will become hard to open as the frame settles. This is covered by the Tarion one-year warranty and will be repaired by us at the 30-day or year-end inspection.

Why are the plugs hard to plug into?

You may not be familiar with the new outlets that are now required in all new homes. The new plugs have a safety feature, where a spring-loaded shutter slides behind the holes when nothing is plugged in, thus stopping children from being able to insert thin objects into the outlet. This does make it a little harder to plug in electronics.

Why do I need to flush my toilet more than once?

If you’re move from an older home, you may not be used to the lower volume toilets now being installed in all new homes. Flush and hold for a few seconds for heavy use, flush and release fast for lighter use. For any serious issues, please contact our plumbing partner rep.

I can see seams in my drywall when the sun comes through my big windows. Is this normal?

Yes, this happens. You’re also likely to see them where there are screw patches. This is due to modern drywall materials and installation. The Tarion guideline standard is that the walls have a normal uniform finish in normal lighting, standing six feet away. More information can be found in section 9 of the Tarion Construction Performance Guidelines.

Why has my furnace and hot water system shut off?

Keep your intake & exhaust pipes (white PVC on side or rear of home) clear of snow & ice. If the pipes are covered by snow, ice, or other debris, it will shut down the furnace and hot water system. This is the responsibility of the homeowner. A service fee will be charged if a service request is placed as a result of failure to clear any debris from the pipes. Low propane levels can also cause low gas pressure resulting in equipment shutting off.

How do I turn on the fireplace?

To turn on the fireplace, use the handheld remote with the I and O symbol. I for on and O for off. Note that sufficiently charged batteries are required in both the remote and in the receiver, unit located at the bottom enclosure of the fireplace. If the pilot light is not on in the fireplace, it means the batteries in the fireplace need to be changed.

What are the green tape markers?

During a viewing you may observe some green tape in select spots. These are to mark the sections that will be touched up under Tarion prior to the PDI and/or move in.

What home payments do I need to keep track of?

Be sure to keep track of propane and propane tank rental, hydro, internet and TV, property taxes and waste collection, hot water tank rental, mortgage, home insurance, and home and appliance maintenance.


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