By the time developer Brent Brownlee approached Perth town council’s table for the second time on June 23, Mayor John Fenik’s patience had already begun to wear thin.

“You’re pushing the boundaries, sir,” Fenik said, staring down the businessman. “This is council’s business.”

Council had already indulged Brownlee during debate, allowing him to speak to the issue at hand – allowing him to put up a large granite sign, welcoming prospective buyers to his Tweedsmuir housing estate.

Brownlee was certainly not the first developer to have a beef with the slower pace of municipal bureaucracy, compared to the tight deadlines of the housing market, but the frustration on both sides was evident, as council discussed postponing the request to allow the granite sign at Tweedsmuir until the Aug. 4, committee of the whole meeting, or the June 30 council meeting (the latter was chosen.)

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