Congratulations on your decision to downsize from a house to an apartment! You may be wondering what to do next. Well we’re here to help. Here are some tips on how to make your transition from house to apartment as stress free as possible.

Start With A Plan

This seems obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people ‘wing’ the preplanning stage. Pick a moving method that you’re comfortable with and don’t let the process overwhelm you.

Consider Seeking Professional Help

There are professionals who specialize in downsizing such as Darling Moving Solutions. Darling Solutions is passionate about helping people move and was established to offer support to seniors, executors, and family members who are facing lifestyle changes. They’re committed to the best possible moving experience as they are an advocate for the client, a resource for the family and a manager of space, assets and projects.

Enjoy The Little Moments

While working through the move, you’re going to find many cherished items that you may have misplaced. Enjoy those little moments as they’ll make the process much more rewarding.

Keep What You Love, Leave What You Don’t

Removing clutter in your life can be very healthy. With that in mind, decide what things you really need and what things you can leave behind. Always remember that downsizing isn’t downgrading especially when it comes to The Meadows Of Perth Apartment. We offer storage space in every unit as well as a storage area for every underground parking space. However, if you’re really having trouble downsizing, there are many storage unit options in Perth and Carleton Place.

Don’t Give Up

Remember why you decided to move in the first place and always keep that in mind when things seem overwhelming. Is your home getting too big to take care of? Would you rather be closer to friends in an apartment setting? Do you want the luxury amenities that modern apartments offer without the maintenance? Will this transition make you happier than you are now? If the answer is yes, you know you’re making the right decision. Don’t let the emotion of the move take over progress.

Be Excited!

Apartment living has so much to offer. Just think of no mortgage, no maintenance, no loneliness and no worries. With one monthly payment, all of your living needs and wants are taken care of. At BLD Homes, our apartments aren’t just buildings to live in, they’re communities. Learn more about The Meadows Of Perth Apartments on our website under “Communities” – “Perth” – “Meadows of Perth” – “Apartments”.  😀

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