Ending Lease

There are specific guidelines when it comes to giving notice. You’re required to give BLD Homes a formal written notice using Form N9 when you plan to move out. This form indicates that you plan to end your tenancy and vacate the property. In Ontario, you must give a minimum notice of 60 days when you intend to leave. If a tenant leaves before the lease is up, they may forfeit their deposit. It might seem confusing, so it’s helpful to become familiar with the laws in the province where you live related to your rights as a renter.

Unit Restoration

When you move out, you’re required to restore the dwelling to the condition it was in when you first began renting. This includes repainting walls that may have been painted another colour or are chipped. Also, if rugs are soiled or wooden floors scratched, the tenant may be responsible for having them professionally restored.

Deposit Return/Deduction

Your security deposit is used to deduct damages in the unit if the damages are not restored. For example, if you put a hole in a wall and don’t fix it, and it costs us $100.00 to fix, that amount will be deducted from your deposit.

Moving Out

Once you and Chloe have agreed on a move out date, arrange and schedule your move and use the designated entrance/exit to your unit with the keys given to you by the property manager. Please give the keys back to Chloe once you’re move is complete.

Renting a home comes with many benefits including no maintenance costs, repair bills, real estate taxes, or long-term commitment, more flexibility, more free time, and it’s cheaper than owning. BLD Homes provides quality rentals to make your life simpler.

BLD Homes is locally, and family owned and operated. We’ve been building quality homes in Lanark County for over 12 years. As locals, we use our experience, connections and passion to make dream homes a reality – in the communities you love. We have a strong team of local trades who work tirelessly to ensure your home is built to the highest standards. Our focus is on high quality and low maintenance materials, which means less stress and more time for you.

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