Application questions you may be asked:

  • Determine if the rental is within your budget, then submit your application. The following will be asked of you:
  • Permission to run a Credit Report/Credit Check using SingleKey (name, address, etc).
  • Permission to run a Criminal Record Check.
  • Permission to run a Social Media Check.
  • A signed copy of your completed application.
  • Proof of Income/Employment//Financials Verification.
  • Certified cheque and/or e-transfer for first and Last Month’s Rent.
  • One piece of government-issued photo ID.
  • Name of guarantor co-signee (person who pays your rent if you can’t).
  • 2 references, preferably from previous landlords or employers.
  • Your rental history if you have any (It won’t be used against you if you don’t).
  • If you have a pet/pets. If so, info about your pet(s). A landlord can ask if you have a pet and can refuse renting a place to you based on your response.
  • The reason(s) why you’re moving.
  • When you plan to move.
  • How many people will live in the property and their names.
  • Whether you require parking or other amenities from the rental.
  • If you have Covid-19 Symptoms.
  • If you’ve been vaccinated for Covid-19.
  • Proof of rental insurance.
  • Any questions or concerns you may have.
  • You will not be asked about your ethnic background, religion, food habits, sexual preferences, marital status, whether you plan to have children/more children, Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Renting a home comes with many benefits including no maintenance costs, repair bills, real estate taxes, or long-term commitment, more flexibility, more free time, and it’s cheaper than owning. BLD Homes provides quality rentals to make your life simpler.

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