Average McEwen’s Mill Homeowner Housing Maintenance Costs

All costs listed below are estimates

Standard Costs

Drinking Water
Annually: Free (Filtered Well Water)

Hot Water Tank Rental (With No In-Floor Basement Heat)
Monthly: $93.00
Annually: $1,116.00
Or One Time Purchase: $5,000.00


Combi-boiler Tank Rental (With In-Floor Basement Heat)
Monthly: $85.00
Annually: $1,020.00
Or One Time Purchase: $7,000.00

P38 Propane ($1.20 a litre)

Average annual propane usage: 3700 litres (first year is most expensive as the interior needs to dry).

Monthly: $370.00
Annually: $4,440.00

P38 Propane Tank Rentals (2 Tanks)

Monthly: $10.00
Annually: $120.00

Hydro One Electricity

Monthly: $165.00
Annually: $1,980.00

Propane Tanks

Bell Fibe Internet

Monthly: $100.00
Annually: $1,200.00

Septic Maintenance

Monthly: $15.00
Annually: $180.00

Lawn Care

Monthly: $250.00
Annually: $3,000.00

House Insurance

Monthly: $170.00
Annually: $2,040.00

Property Taxes

Monthly: $430.00+
Annually: $5,160.00+

Rough Estimate Total Costs

Monthly: $93.00+$370.00+$10.00+$165.00+$100.00+$15.00+$250.00+$170.00+$430.00 = $1,603.00
Annually: $19,236.00

Additional Costs

Lawn Irrigation System Maintenance/Install
One Time Install: $7,429.75-$11,044.62
Monthly: $18.33
Annually: $220.00

Fibreglass In-Ground Pool Maintenance/Install

One Time In-ground Vinyl Install: $85,000.00 – $100,000.00 (Will depend on how deep pool is and how much rock needs to be broken).
Monthly: $83.33-$150.00
Annually: $1,000.00-$1,800.00

Rough Estimate Additional Total Costs

Monthly: $18.33+208.33 = $226.66
Annually: $2,719.92

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