Energy Efficiency

More and more homeowners want eco-friendly homes to save on energy costs and to reduce their environmental impact. That’s why we build our homes exclusively with ICF foundation, as one of their many benefits is their energy efficiency. A recent study found that ICF foundation walls had 60% less energy loss than competing methods. This is called the ‘ICF Effect’ Peterson (2019). The thermal mass of the concrete walls and airtight ICF building envelope is especially beneficial for cooler climates to keep heat in (2020). The foam panels in ICF foundations provide it with an R-value of R-25 and higher. The greater the R-value, the greater the heat transfer resistance.


Not only does ICF keep your energy costs low, it also keeps your home comfortable.  ICF foundations are less prone to moisture, are mold resistant and less sensitive to cold temperatures than other foundation forms. Having a consistent temperature in the home means no cool drafts. ICF walls also provide better defence against sound transmission than other methods so you hear less noise. This additional comfort is also found in the basement of ICF foundations.


ICF foundations are also one of the safest foundations today as they’re less prone to shifts in the ground and water pressure. The steel-reinforced concrete walls provide greater protection from fires as they have a higher fire rating than other methods. ICF also protects against natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes so you can sleep soundly through any weather.


Buying a BLD Homes home is an investment in living that will provide you happiness for years to come. The ICF foundation is just one of the many offerings that comes standard with our homes.

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