Some Joy Avenue residents are urging town council to consider dropping the speed limit to 30 km/h on their street, as part of wider traffic-calming measures.

Resident Roy Van Der Mull brought his concerns to Perth town council’s committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday, June 11, noting that the road has become “a busy short cut,” for people looking to get from the north and south sides of the town, bypassing the downtown core. Van Der Mull, has lived on Joy Avenue since 1976, noted that, by his estimation, traffic levels increased when traffic lights were placed at the intersection of Leslie and Wilson streets.

“It … requires only the political will,” said Van Der Mull of the change in speed. Right now, the 50 km/h limit “is too fast for the street.” It made Van Der Mull ask: “What value does council place on risk reduction?”

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