Making A Stylish Backyard

Part of living upgraded is enjoying your home both inside and outside. You can do this by making your backyard a place of peace and fun. It’s a relatively low-cost way to add value to your home as well as your life.


A deck / patio is a great place to start to inspire the rest of your backyard. It adds value to your home and will definitely entice friends to visit more often. 2 simple yet classic options are either a wood deck or a concrete patio. Garnish with some comfortable patio chairs and let the outdoor conversations begin.

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is an inexpensive addition to groove up your backyard with both colour and class.

Outdoor Dining

If you entertain guests often, this is a must have. From family BBQs, to late night romantic dinners, a patio dining set will be the highlight of your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is the stuff of dreams. By merely adding a BBQ to your outdoor dining table, a small storage and a mini fridge, your outdoor experience gets a grand upgrade.

Backyard Bar

A backyard bar stops you from having to go inside and out so many times. Keep reusable glasses, plates, utensils, a pitcher for drinks, a bowl for snacks and you’re all set. Add a covered pergola and even the rain can’t stop the party.

String Lights

Nothing brings out awe like gorgeous lighting. String lights are an inexpensive way to make your backyard feel like a southern escape. Torches and lanterns are also a great option for soft lighting.

Stone Path

Using mulch, bricks, or stones you can create a simple yet elegant path from your house to the backyard.


While you’re making a path, you may as well plant the seeds for a garden. You can benefit from fresh grown fruits or vegetables right in your backyard.


Bright flowers are a simple way to add loads of colour to your green space.

Wood Bench

Wood benches are a guest favourite in the backyard, especially if they hang and swing. Chair swings don’t only belong on the front porch!


A trellis is a frame (usually wood) used to support small trees or climbing plants. They add a whimsical feeling to your backyard.


A pergola is like a continuation of the trellis that can add shade and wonder to your sit-down area. You can also add stylish curtains for extra cover from the sun and make it feel like an outdoor living room.


Most people love the sound of running water as it feels meditative. A fountain is a great feature to add to your outdoor oasis.

Comfortable Seats

Having outdoor seating that’s comfortable is the key to enjoying your backyard space. Opt for large outdoor pillows, benches, swinging chairs, or day beds.

Fire Pit

Owning a fire pit is never a mistake. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or even winter, the fire pit will be enjoyed. It’s a beautiful feature whether it’s extravagant or simplistic. Be sure to have extra seating as the fire pit will to attract many visitors


The hammock screams of enjoyment. Whether it’s for relaxing with a book, or having a swinging time, both kids and adults will love the hammock.

Zen Space

Life is busy. Take the time to make a space outside where you can escape the chaos. A decorative (and comfortable) hanging chair where you can swing the afternoon away is a fan favourite.


Speaking of Zen, it doesn’t get more peaceful than having an outdoor bed to lay on and to enjoy the shade. With or without a pool a cabana will keep you loving your backyard.

Outdoor Theatre

Did someone say movie night? There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors then with snacks and a movie. With blankets, pillows, lights, a projector, a screen and a speaker, you can have your own theatre all to yourself.

For the Kids

Teaching kids to love the outdoors is crucial for their health. Having a jungle gym, swing sets, and/or a treehouse will keep them entertained outside for years.

Lawn Games

Lawn games are great for all ages. From croquet to bocce ball, to spikeball, it’s not hard or expensive to add recreation to your backyard.

These are just some of the ways to upgrade your backyard to either make it more fun or more relaxing.


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