Quartz Countertops

Low Maintenance: Quartz is the most low-maintenance and contemporary countertop to date and has become the top choice as a kitchen counter material.

Style: According to a 2017 Houzz kitchen study, the contemporary style is the most sought-after look homeowners want for their kitchen. Quartz offers more modern and minimalist pattern options for colour favourites such as greys and whites. Residents will have no problem showing off the luxurious look and feel of their kitchen to their friends and family!

Eco-Friendly: Quartz is made with at least 90% quartz material. It’s eco-friendly as it’s a natural material from the earth, long-lasting and it’s recyclable as it’s a low-emissions material. The smooth surface also won’t harbor bacteria or other unhealthy microorganisms as it’s a hygienic, non-toxic and sustainable option.

Durability: Modern quartz is durable and low maintenance. Its polymers, color and resins bind the quartz and make it incredibly strong and stable by reinforcing the natural quartz. With low maintenance, quartz does not require a seal, polish, or condition. Quartz is also scratch and heat resistant protecting it from spills and hot messes. Quartz is low-maintenance, long-lasting strong, gorgeous and a dinner host’s dream.

High-End Appliances

Style: Upgraded is always stylish. Luxury appliances have beautiful finishes as stainless steel offers a timeless look and low maintenance.

Performance: New appliances perform better as they’re engineered for high performance and high usage. New ovens cook food more efficiently and safely, new refrigerators have multiple compressors that keep your food fresher, longer and new dishwashers clean better and more efficiently.

Longevity: High end appliances are built to last, so you’ll see less inconvenience of repairs and more convenience of use. You’ll fall in love with your appliances.

Eco-friendly: High-end appliances are more energy efficient, so we save on utility bills, and you save on rent costs.

Investment: High-end appliances are an investment as they help improve your experience at the Meadows Apartments.

Walk-In Closets

Space: Space is becoming more important for people downsizing from a house to an apartment. A walk-in closet is the master of storage solutions. A walk-in closet appeals to those who love fashion as well as personal space.

Getting Ready: Your walk-in closet is not just storage, it’s the room for all your clothing needs. Whether you’re changing, ironing, or folding laundry, it can all be done in your walk-in closet.

Luxury: A walk-in closet is a luxury addition to any home, and you’ll be the envy of your friends.

Organization: A walk-in closet is an organized person’s dream as the space allows for all of your things to have their own spot.

Comfort: Our walk-in closets have ample lighting inside and ventilation for your comfort, so you’ll enjoy life more at the Meadows Apartments.

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