As more people are forced to work from home, here are some tips to make your workspace truly awesome.

Have A Dedicated Office Space

The first one may seem obvious, but if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated space you can use for an office, not having to move around all the time will make your work more effective and less cluttered. This can be a flex room, spare bedroom, mudroom, basement, insulated garage, the deck in the summer, or if you’re lucky, a dedicated work den.


Opt for a desk that is large enough to hold a computer plus much equipment and files such as an L-shaped desk.


Pick one of the many ergonomic chairs on the market, that you would enjoy spending hours on end in. Also try to avoid noisy chairs that squeak and cause distractions.

Proper Work Height

Make sure your chair, and desk are the correct height to not strain your neck during long workdays. If your desk or chair are adjustable in height this is a simple task. If not try using stackable large books to raise your computer to eye height.

Add A Monitor

A monitor can help increase the real estate size of your digital workspace with an extra screen. When using a monitor, you’ll also likely need a keyboard and a mouse or touchpad.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is often forgotten about but it’s crucial to limit strain on your eyes from reading and screen time. Opt for overhead lighting if possible and try to limit natural light that can create glare on your computer screen.

Fast Internet

If you can get it in your area, your internet speed should be at least 50Mbps for fast wireless internet.


A headset is especially important if there will be family members creating noise in other rooms of your home. It stops the noise from distracting you and also allows you to hear conference calls or music, more clearly and seamlessly.

Other Electronics

If you do any printing or send documents, opt for a multifunction printer/copier/scanner for all your needs.

Docking Station 

A docking station powers your laptop and connects all of your devices together.

External Drive

An external drive is a safe backup for your files, or you can store your files on a cloud service such as iCloud or OneDrive.

USB Adaptors

A USB adaptor makes sure you’re able to connect all of your equipment into your computer.

Personal Touch

Lastly, add things to your office that you find inspiring or that bring you happiness, from paperweights to artwork. Your home office is yours to customize.


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