Do you have trouble finding storage space? You’re not alone as according to the Professional Organizers of Canada, 83% of Canadians say they’re extremely disorganized and 91% of Canadians feel clutter negatively impacts their lives. The average Canadian spends 12 weeks a year looking for stuff they can’t find according to Planet Storage. Here are some storage tips to help de-clutter your life and make living simpler.


The first thing to do in your fight for storage is to get rid of what you don’t need. Start by organizing something small such as your closet so you don’t get overwhelmed. Once you’ve mastered your closet, you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of the house. All of our homes come with a walk-in closet so space for clothing will never be an issue for you, but it feels good to cleanse.

Laundry / Mudroom:

The laundry room can be a dull space where laundry is done, or it can be an additional living space with creative storage options that make your life easier. At BLD Homes, we design our laundry rooms to maximize living area and space. Mudrooms can defend your home from clutter by stopping it at the door. To do this, use cabinets, cubbies, wall hooks and coat stands to stay organized.


25% of Canadians with two-car garages use them just for storage. The garage is often forgotten and can cause clutter anxiety for homeowners. In a homeowner’s survey, 1 in 4 people admitted that they had a messy garage, and nearly 1 in 3 people said they keep their garage door shut to hide it from visitors. 1 in 5 homeowners admitted to getting into an argument with their spouse over the disorganization of their garage. To avoid this unnecessary stress, decide what your garage’s purpose is. Besides vehicle and equipment storage, many people use their garage for hobbies and personal projects. A tip for organization is to divide the garage into different areas for equipment, sports goods, tools and other needs. This website makes organizing easy so you can reclaim your garage – The company stresses conserving room by using wall space as storage, such as mounting your tires on wall racks. 3 car garages come standard in our homes, to provide homeowner’s with more room for whatever their needs may be.


The basement can either be a curse or a blessing. Help make it a blessing by tailoring your storage to provide you ease of access. Opt for metal shelving and cabinetry to protect your possessions, and use transparent plastic bins for storing items that you want to find easily.


As the saying goes, mess causes stress. Your bedroom should offer an escape from chaos, not more of it. Opt for underbed storage such as hydraulic solutions, shelving units, and wardrobes, so you can stay organized and sleep soundly.


As more people choose to work from home, we now have the opportunity to fully personalize our office space. While not everyone is lucky enough to have a home office, BLD Homes homeowners are. That being said, a devoted workspace can get cluttered if not kept up with. Opt for easy access storage of files and documents and utilize the wall space to keep you inspired throughout the workday.

Children’s Mess:

Children are wonderful. Cleaning up after them isn’t. Opt for storage solutions that make it easy to teach them to clean up after themselves. If you make cleaning easy and fun, they’re more likely to want to participate.


The kitchen is arguably the area of your home that sees the most action so keeping it organized is crucial. Our homes come standard with not only a beautiful granite countertop, but plenty of storage options, including kitchen cabinets and pantries. There are many options to get more from your cabinets, including swinging storage racks and hidden pullout trash bins.


You may not think of the bathroom as a storage area, but it doesn’t have to be disorganized. Mounting shelves, bins, racks and caddies help keep items neat and accessible and maximize your bathroom space.

Living Room:

When it comes to the living room, opting for multifunctional furniture is a game changer. For example, using cubby units as both storage shelves and a couch table will help keep clutter off the coffee table, leaving room for your morning coffee.


Whether your workshop is in your garage, your basement, or somewhere else, it should provide space for all of your tools and equipment. When opting for a workbench, finding one that has storage underneath is key. For ease of use, keep the power tools stored but easily accessible.

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