Tenant Responsibilities

  • Pay rent in full, on time, and inform the landlord in case of financial difficulties and inability to pay rent.
  • Keep the property clean.
  • Notify the landlord of any damage or leaks so they can be fixed.
  • Allow the landlord permission to enter the property to repair or show the property to prospective tenants if 24-hour notice has been given.
  • Provide reasonable notice to the landlord to terminate the lease.
  • Vacate the property when the lease ends.
  • Hand over the keys to the landlord upon moving out.

Tenant Prohibitions

  • Tenants cannot withhold rent in case of negligent repairs as non-payment.
  • Renovate the property without the landlord’s permission.
  • Change the locks of the house without the landlord’s permission.
  • Sublet or assign the lease to someone else without the landlord’s permission.
  • Stop the landlord from entering the unit when a proper notice has been given.

Our stunning interior finishes include many features that other builders charge as upgrades such as quartz countertops, luxury vinyl flooring and basement in-floor heating. High caliber exterior finish materials also come standard on our homes, such as Stone, Stucco, and Cement Fiber Board siding. We also do our part to be mindful of the environment by building our foundations with ICF (insulated concrete form). ICF foundations are resilient, innovative, environmentally friendly and energy and resource efficient, so you save on utility costs and have a greener appartment that lasts a lifetime.

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