A waterfall island countertop gets its name from its seemingly waterfall shape and appearance. A traditional countertop has a single horizontal surface that ends at the edge of an island, while a waterfall countertop drops vertically down the sides, creating a continuous flow to the floor. The verticality of the surface is unique and eye-catching, and it naturally links the floor and the cabinetry. Waterfall countertops first attracted interest in the early 2000’s but they’ve just recently gained mainstream popularity. Waterfall islands are usually made with granite, quartz or marble as they’re sophisticated and elegant products. The waterfall design effortlessly spotlights your kitchen and instantly becomes a focal point of your home, which is one of the reasons why they’ve become so popular.


Waterfall countertops offer a contemporary and minimalist look, that fantastically unites modern kitchen features. Among establishing interior continuity between the floor and the counter, the waterfall design is stylish beyond belief. The design puts an emphasis on the material, elevating a standard countertop to the next level with sophistication and functionality. Few interior options are as focal and showstopping, while also being incredibly functional, as the waterfall design is.


Waterfall countertops are easy to clean, great for concealing bar stools, and can act as a dining/breakfast bar. They can also hide appliances, camouflage electrical outlets under the counter to provide more convenience and can also provide more storage space.


As kitchens are now thought of as gathering places and bathrooms as personal spas, our home’s most functional rooms are getting an upgrade. In the kitchen, a waterfall countertop offers modern beauty and practicality. In the bathroom, a waterfall vanity can seamlessly connect the walls and flooring, while being both water and moisture-proof.


The waterfall countertop is customizable. A thin waterfall counter will provide a sleek and lightweight statement, while a thick counter will command a strong and grounded appearance. As they’re gorgeous, functional and durable, a waterfall island is a small addition that offers big rewards.

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