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Developer Brent Brownlee may have to walk away from the third phase of The Meadows subdivision if progress is not made on the proposed storm water management system.

“We are not interested in building with this system,” said developer Brent Brownlee at the Perth town council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19. The town is proposing to install a LIDs (Low Impact Development storm water management system) for homes Brownlee is building north of Highway 7. However, Brownlee is seeking permission to continue Phase 3 of The Meadows subdivision project with a standard SWM (storm water management) system. If not, “we will be forced to look elsewhere,” he warned. “I don’t want to wait any longer.”

Brownlee said he had hoped that “by this point, LIDs would become a recognized (system). But it is not.”

But from what Brownlee is hearing from town hall, “the answer has been consistent. The consultant believes in LIDs,” said Brownlee. “The town has stuck with the consultant’s recommendation.”

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