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Right now, it’s an open, frozen field — but the area north of Highway 7 could be the next big thing in Perth’s development.

While the fields and forests are covered in snow now, the planned greenfield development shows a plan for a pump station, due to Blueberry Creek’s water flow, noted town hall’s environmental services director Grant Machan during Perth town council’s committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

“They (the pumps) are always working,” said engineer Doug Nuttall, who joined in Machan’s presentation. “The day they are not working is the day you have flooding.”

One of the interesting aspects of the land is that, although it is mostly flat, there is a long berm, running east to west, along the northern section of the land.

“It looks like someone in 1920 got a bulldozer and pushed all this wetland aside,” said Nuttall.

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