Hotel guests can now have breakfast with Ian Millar every morning.

Millar’s Olympic and equestrian legacy has again been remembered in downtown Perth, this time in the Best Western Plus hotel’s dining area. It has been renamed in Millar’s honour, and is now dotted with memorabilia from his riding glory days.

The Perth Courier was given a quick tour by hotel co-owner Brent Brownlee on Tuesday, Aug. 13, who pointed out the biggest piece of history to be found in the dining room — Big Ben’s old stall door.

Big Ben, who is also immortalized in a statue across the road from Code’s Mill, a stone’s throw away, was Millar’s most famous mount, and Brownlee laughed that “it was a challenge” to mount the stall door onto the wall of the dining room. Before the door was mounted, it had to be thoroughly clean because, as a barn door, naturally, “it was a little encrusted with barn material,” he said.

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